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Main courses

Main courses of the gourmet menu

Meat or fish dish? And if you don't want to decide: keep one of each! We select each of the products of our dishes to get a spectacular and delicious dish.

Our meat specialties: Mi-cuit of foie gras with chives and vinegar vinegar, beef tenderloin with wild mushrooms or beef tenderloin with puff pastry. The veal cheeks, cheese and caramelized pear millefeuille or the leg of lamb accompanied with Provencal potatoes and a small bundle with a different and original touch. For the most demanding, the duck breast with potato and mushroom gratin.

Fish specialties: Suquet of monkfish characteristic of our area, the grouper with clams with seafood sauce or cod with garlic cream and crustaceans. Three specialties with all the flavor of the Mediterranean.

You can also propose other dishes to suit your needs or those of your guests, we are listening!