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Family events

Weddings are the star of family celebrations, where the bride and groom will enjoy your most special day. Do you want your wedding to be a personal and tailor-made event? Let Bardana Catering advise you, your tastes and preferences will be supported by our professional experience in an unforgettable celebration. We also organize baptisms and communions....

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From the union of breakfast and lunch is born the concept of brunch, an appetizer served at mid-morning to enjoy the best hours of the day with whoever you decide. Do you want to have a business lunch but would prefer something informal? Would you like to enjoy a morning with friends and delicious appetizers? If so...

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Is it a wedding anniversary you want to celebrate? Your birthday? Or maybe a different kind of anniversary? Leave it in our hands, on a day like this it is better not to worry about it and let someone else do the hard work for you so that you can enjoy the moment as it should be. Tell us how you plan to celebrate it and we will offer you the best so that...

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